"The White Shadow" is the title of the video game I created. I toiled for a year to hone the narrative and game design, to plot the story beats, to give every character life, describe every item, location, ability, and organization that inhabits this unique cyberpunk dystopian world, all contained within a nearly 100-page game design document which I submitted as my Creative Writing Master's Thesis at Full Sail University. My hard work was worth it, since the faculty saw fit to name me both Advanced Achiever and Valedictorian of my graduating class. 

Below is the executive summary of the game. The One-Pager. Please view the sample cutscene, branching dialogue, character bios, item descriptions, and gameplay walkthrough as well. Above all: enjoy! There's more where all this came from, upon request.

 “The White Shadow” 

Genre: 3rd person stealth-action adventure (with RPG elements) 

Version 1.0 

Big Idea: In a futuristic world of advanced technology and corporate espionage, players wield unique abilities to travel to the realm of spirits as well as hack any device in the environment in order to infiltrate restricted areas and piece together clues of an intricate and engaging story of manipulation and world domination.

Category: “The White Shadow” is a character-centric, story-driven single player game combining the complex world-shifting, environmental puzzles of the classic “Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver” franchise with the contemporary, real-time hacking action of “Watch Dogs” and open world exploration of the “Batman: Arkham” series.

Platforms: The ambitious design goals embodied in the open world of “The White Shadow” demand nothing less than the immense technological power that only the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and high-end PC can deliver.

License Potential: A spin-off game focusing on the world’s criminal organization – The Syndicate – would have endless multiplayer campaign potential. Likewise, although the events of “The White Shadow” conclude satisfactorily, there are implications of far-reaching consequences from which many sequels can be derived.

Play Mechanics: For any given mission, players phase in and out of the spirit world to infiltrate locations and become unstoppable in combat. Combining the hero's innate abilities with the potential to hack any electronic device remotely opens up mission structures and playthrough styles exponentially.

Technology: “The White Shadow” needs a powerful game engine capable of shifting between two different versions and textures of the world at any given time, instantaneously. The ambitions of the game’s design, mechanics, and cyberpunk aesthetic require the power of cutting-edge game engines.

Target Audience: 18-35 year old fans of mature-themed, story-driven, role playing games within science-fiction, cyberpunk settings will purchase “The White Shadow.”

Key Features: Worlds within worlds: become a ghost and travel through forbidden sectors and ambush your enemies. Hack anything: if you can see it, you can control it. Find the truth: Break the cycle of manipulation and impact the world forever.

Marketing Summary: Gamers are thirsty for fresh, story-driven intellectual property that ends the infinite season of sequels and finally leverages current technology to deliver a thrilling adventure that poses mature, thematic questions.