The white katana

“You can’t find things like this anymore. In an era permeated with gadgets, a sword – beautiful though it may be – doesn’t really belong. Yet something draws me to it.”

The white katana imprisons the spirit of Yasuro, the legendary ShiroKaz security chief (and assassin) known as The White Shadow. The sword becomes Shinjiro’s main weapon and functions as a conduit for all of his acquired powers. It focuses and amplifies his innate abilities, and it serves as an “anchor” allowing him to remain in the spirit realm without the fear of becoming lost (i.e. true death).

A traditional Japanese katana, masterfully crafted, one from a set of two (the other black), anachronistic in this era of cutting edge technology. All pieces of the katana – its hilt, wrapping, pommel, and even the blade – are pure-snow white. When used in conjunction with Shin’s spirit powers, the sword emits hazy purple vapor.

The only reason that the white sword helps Shin control his innate powers is because of the imprisoned spirit of Yasuro, and the only reason Yasuro’s spirit is contained in the sword is because he could not let go of his desire for vengeance, fueled by his jealousy. Without this vengeance, Yasuro’s soul loses its purpose for existence. Without the soul trapped within, the white sword is completely ordinary. During two decades in which the sword lay dormant in the ShiroKaz vault, this desire for vengeance has split into different aspects, becoming their own demon spirits (or Oni) based on the memories of those who betrayed Yasuro. When Shin grips the sword for the first time, these Oni travel directly to the betrayer and haunt him, marking him for death.


S.U.I.T. (Sentient User Intelligence Totality)


“It’s hard getting used to the idea that this suit – as amazing as it looks and feels – is actually the home of an A.I. With SUIT on my back, literally, there’s no security system on the planet intricate enough to keep me out. Only time will tell if she’s my guardian angel or the nagging mother I thought I always wanted.”

SUIT provides its wearer with the ability to remotely hack any electronic, data, or security device within range. Due to her portability, she has limited functionality in the field, and more sophisticated devices can strain SUIT’s systems. Also, hacking time and efficiency is optimized at closer proximity. In addition to her base functionality, SUIT also provides her wearer with “advice” in stressful situations, whether called for or not.

SUIT is an immaculately tailored two-piece, two-button business suit, made from synthetic nano-fibers found nowhere else on earth. They contract and expand to fit most potential wearers perfectly, and the wearer can adjust the hue and texture at will to suit (pun intended) any occasion or need. In terms of fashion sense, SUIT is perfect.

SUIT is a prototype. She was conceived and created in secret by Luther DeLeon at the behest of Yasuro Shiromatsu, who wanted to equip the next generation of ShiroKaz security with such devices so that he could eventually retire from his security chief position and know that the ShiroKaz Legacy would be protected. DeLeon was the one who suggested the A.I. be housed in an actual suit, however, in order to help with the daily routines and schedules of megacorp executives. After Zenjiro’s overthrow, DeLeon was kidnapped and ordered to perfect the prototype as soon as possible. Luther programmed SUIT’s interface to resemble that of a teenage girl, perhaps as his only means of being with the daughter he had lost.