The following scene is one of many branching dialogue sequences to play during Shin's journey in "The White Shadow." Allow me to briefly set the scene...

After a botched Inari-corp bank job, Shin's Syndicate employers give him an ultimatum: Do one last job, a vault raid on a decades-old megacorp that's fallen from prominence. If he fails, he's as good as dead. Shin chuckles inwardly, knowing from experience that, while very inconvenient, death doesn't really apply to him. Only when they put the gun to his friend Ben Roy's head does he agree. Shin does as he's told, but it was a setup. Within the ShiroKaz vault, his new Syn-Cell betrays him. When they take his Shinto Charm away - his only anchor to the world of the living, far as he knows - Shin panics. Although he's tried countless times to die before, this time it could be real. He's drawn to an immaculate white katana at the center of the room. He grasps it just as the Syn-Cells final barrage of gunfire rips him apart. But he's spared. All hell breaks loose from the sword. Vengeful Oni shred the very air and tear the Syn-Cell apart. Shin regains consciousness in a white emptiness where he is approached by a ghost. The White Shadow. 

The sword, much like the charm Shin's lost, is an anchor that can bring him back to life. Yasuro, The White Shadow, can see through Shin. The ghost knows the young man truly wants life, despite all the pain, and he can give life back if Shin agrees to help him retrieve every Oni spirit that was released. They were his memories. Without them, Yasuro can't recall who to aim his fury and vengeance. Before Shin can agree, Yasuro says, "They're coming."

Waking in a traditional Japanese graveyard, surrounded by corroding, crumbling, moss-covered headstones, Shin is attacked by an elite, heavily-armed megacorp security force. Their leader, Zercos, is a samurai-cyborg hellbent on getting Shin's white katana. They duel. Shin isn't a swordsman, and he falls easily to the cyborg. Dead yet again, Shin poses his own terms to the White Shadow. "Tell me what you know about my powers, and I'll do whatever you want." The White Shadow agrees.

And Shin's eyes snap open. He is resurrected in a darkened operating theater, and the scene begins. (Follow the link below to begin the Twine game.)

The Clinic